Hollywood’s Most Unlikely Sex Symbols

We all fall in love with the dorky character. Usually the Hollywood “dorks” are along the looks line of Adam Brody or Penn Badgley (who, FYI, is playing another nerdy persona as Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl this fall).

If all the nerdy guys looked like that, you’d be hard pressed to find a dork without a leading lady.

Although the “unlikely” character always gets the girl in the movies, its usually not so in real life. And it’s these unlikely Hollywood celebs that have made an unlikely impression on the general public: people think they’re sexy.

Seth Rogen is the one on the list that is really a no-brainer. He was the chubby awkward pothead in Knocked Up that made Katherine Heigl, and America, love him. So of course he would make the Most Unlikely to Be Sexy list.

And if you saw him in Judd Apatow’s two other films, 40 year Old Virgin and Superbad, then you loved him before Knocked Up and you certainly love him after.

The other on the list is Tina Fey—smart, funny and HOT. Come to think of it, shouldn’t she be on the most likely sex symbol list??

Anyways, as much as Seth Rogen is obvious, the others on the list are not. I have taken it upon myself to list them in my own order (since MSNBC didn’t give them one). And honestly, who doesn’t like a countdown or a list from a list?

In order of “Really? People think they’re sexy?” value:

5. Paul Giamatti

4. Dame Judy Dench

3. Tilda Swinton

2. Peter Dinklage

1. Wanda Sykes

Not that I’m dumping on these celebs. They are all wonderful actors and actresses and I respect them all in their own right. In fact, I think it’s pretty awesome that when some Americans think of sexy, they think of the whole package—personality, talent and wisdom—before just conventional looks.

It’s not I don’t think these stars are hot—it’s more that I’m surprised about the answer these people gave. Because, for once, the real perspective of the American people has been shown.

For a while I was beginning to think we were all just a bunch of superficial assholes. I guess sometimes, people can surprise you.

OMG! Drinking is Bad! So is Popcorn. Weird.
OMG! Drinking is Bad! So is Popcorn. Weird.
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