Frat Party This Weekend? You Better Go Prepared…

Apparently, the Today show is a Flavor of the Week hotspot for people looking to make the most of their 15 minutes. This week: the girl who got booted off a plane for looking like a ho. The last line of the story will surely shock you. (NBC)

Call me crazy but every time one of these “foreign objects in my body” stories pops up I just can’t understand how you don’t notice…I just can’t. (BBC News)

If you ever come to New York and decide to drop 55 bucks to have a smelly horse drag you around Central Park while a creepy man in a top hat tries to make conversation…just know what you’re contributing to. (WCBS)

If you’re anything like me and find that every frat party has the same douche-y playlist (not to mention the guys or the booze), here are some alternatives that just may keep everyone happy. (Blender)

“MonaVie costs $40 a bottle, and you can’t get it in stores; it’s marketed only through the company’s network of thousands of individuals who sell it out of their homes.”…um, I’m scared. What’s that? Oprah endorses it? Sold! (

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