The Power Hour Timeline



How I love a good Power Hour. 60 minutes. 60 ounces of the crappiest beer. 60 song snippets. 3 sprints to the bathroom to make more room for beer.

There is really nothing better, especially if you have one killer power hour mix (good one here). In fact, without the music, a power hour is simply sixty minutes of someone watching the clock and screaming “Drink, bitches!” every time the hand moves. That isn’t fun. Nor is it easy as you reach minute 42 and the clock begins to turn into a fuzzy mess of numbers.

Which brings me to my point.

I have spent quite a few hours during my time on this planet taking shots of beer every minute on the minute. This makes me a self-proclaimed Power Hour Connoisseur. (Note: This is not to be confused with a Century Club Connoisseur as I have never been able to take down 100 shots of beer without vomiting around shot 61.)

Anyhoo, through my many travels down Power Hour Lane I have come to notice a few themes. No matter where I am or who I am with, certain things remain true across the Power Hour board.

So, here you have the Power Hour Timeline:

Minutes 1-7: Time to settle in, stack the beers in front of you, and get into the groove. Casual conversation ensues involving post-power-hour destination decisions. Late comers join the fun, pulling beers out of their pockets as they settle in around the coffee table.

Minutes 8-15: Everyone is getting in the groove. People react with excitement at the change of each song; both to the new jam blaring from the stereo/iTunes (“I LOVE this song!”) and to the shock of having to take another shot so soon.

Minutes 16-30: As the beer begins to make its way into everyone’s systems, people begin to get a little louder. People switch from sitting cross legged to sitting on their knees, making it easier for them to do a little dance to each 60 minute song segment. People begin cracking beer numero tres.

Minutes 31-32: The beer has finally settled into the bloodstream of the Power Hour-ers. Girls are up, singing, hugging, and sitting on eachother’s laps. There is nothing better in this world than a shot of beer, friends, and Madonna’s, Like A Prayer.

Minutes 32-45: Dancing, major selfie-time (“Ha! Put the beer box on your head! FACEBOOK PICTURE!”), quick sprints to the bathroom – camera in hand – followed by more selfies…in the bathroom.

Minutes 45-54: As the final beers are cracked and poured, everything gets a lot more exciting. Each shot is a celebration (“DRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK”) and each song is a #1 hit (“YES. CHUMBAWUMBA!”). Drunk dials are attempted, though quickly aborted as the song changes and it is time to drink yet again.

Minutes 55-59: “I love you so much! I love beeeeeeeeeeeer. College is so awesome. Oh! I LOVE THIS SONG!”

Minute 60: Usually a sad final tune. You know, to really bring things home. Participants down the final shot then stand in a circle and sing “Time of My Life” at the top of their lungs. More selfies are taken (“We look so cute!”) before heading out the bar. Well, not before a few trips to the bathroom and a quick run for some pizza. Mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmm.

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