Zac Efron Hasn’t Seen Naked Vanessa…Obviously

Perverts and Zac Efron fans rejoice!

Vanessa Hudgens may be getting fired from Disney and replaced for High School Musical 3. Last week, some rather risqué (and by risqué I mean naked) photos of Hudgens began circulating the Internet. At first, everyone was all “They’re fake! Sweet Vanessa would never let someone take nude photos!

And then, of course, Vanessa admitted it was her.

Disney, being the mogul of good, safe, clean fun that it is, reportedly didn’t like the idea that one of it’s stars has genitalia, and axed Hudgens for her “irresponsible” behavior.

Furthermore, there’s been no comment from her boyfriend Zac Efron, who presumably didn’t take the picture, hasn’t seen the picture, or seen a woman…ever.

Now, I’m not usually a fan of teeny-bopper over-actors, but someone needs to cut poor V a break. I’d say the irresponsible one is whoever let the picture pop up on the Internet (not Zac, obv).

It’s not like the girl is doing a full-on stripper pose either, she’s just sort of standing there, looking satisfied with herself (which I would be too, if I was hot, rich, and dating a gay guy to garner publicity for my upcoming album all by the age of 18).

Banning Hudgens from the end of the High School Musical franchise is basically ending her career—since lord knows she really isn’t going to go anywhere after this. Hopefully, girlfriend’s got a good investment plan and a dream of attending college one day.

…but if not, she could always look into Playboy.

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