Are You an Alpha Kitty?



Someone’s sending YOU a friendly purrrr, and that someone is Atoosa Rubenstein, former Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine and creator of ComsoGIRL!

What’s she saying, you ask? Alpha Kitty!

What we’ve got here is something of a revolution, my friend. Rubenstein, often referred to by her crew as “Big Momma”, is empowering other women (and basically everyone) to challenge themselves and embrace their individuality no matter how weird or how different.

Some one once told me we’re all weird. And I agree. Its just that our “weirdness” is often diluted as we change, grow older, conform. But, when we let go of what separates from the crowd then we start lose ourselves…right?

I think so.

So hang tight to that hula-hoop or tooth pick collection! Watch the videos and post your own back. Let’s get crazy!

What I love most about this new idea, this Alpha Kitty, is that so often we try to achieve what someone else calls deems “success”…but instead an Alpha Kitty is someone who stops for a second, and says, wait a minute… “Do I want this? If so, why? I want to be me!”

Bold, sexy, unique, all of the above! Rowr!

Desserts + Beer = Highly Unnecessary
Desserts + Beer = Highly Unnecessary
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