VMA Style, Or Something Like It

The VMA performances weren’t the only things that sucked last night – the fashion sucked, too!

Yes, there were some winners in my book – Rihanna and Alisha’s dresses were pretty kick-ass.

But seriously, guys and their trendy little shiny suits aside, the ladies showed up at the VMA’s looking like cheap, unintelliegent whores, The Statue of Libery, or some one’s super slutty grandmother.

“Edgy” award show or not, I don’t understand how women with so much money make such poor style choices.

I mean, if nothing else, stick a passifier in your mouth at least. At LEAST. Oh yea. Some one did that. Gorgeous.

See the red carpet looks after the jump.


Eye Contact: Not As Easy As Promised
Eye Contact: Not As Easy As Promised
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