Who Wants to See Stephanie Tanner’s Uterus?


You know how I know it’s gonna be a great day? Because the first thing I saw on the Internet this morning was a big, fat picture of the uterus of Stephanie Tanner, a.k.a Jodie Sweetin.

Didn’t you know uteruses of old T.G.I.F stars are good luck? It’s true.

Stephanie Tanner, who spent 9 unforgettable years causing shenanigans and making me jealous on Full House, (Tommy Page is so dreamy) with the same expression on her face, is now preggers! Not only that, but she sent her ultrasound pics to TMZ for what I can only guess is some hopeful media attention. Man, what some people will do….rather unnecessary if you ask me, but this is much better attention than her addiction to meth! Wee-hoo!

But Stephanie isn’t the only one with new developments (and in her case, developments also means “boob job”). Some updates on the fam:

Danny Tanner, a.k.a Bob Saget, recently had an HBO comedy special. Too bad it sucked. If you’re gonna do a whole bit on animal sex and incessantly curse, make it funny.

Uncle Jesse, a.k.a John Stamos, has been going on television programs wasted and/or stoned out of his mind. I wanna party with Uncle Jesse!

And silly Uncle Joey, a.k.a Dave Coulier has been going around to college campuses and telling jokes. Sucks for you, University of Wisconsin Fox Valley! As for the other Tanner daughters, the older one is a married mom with an awesome Myspace page and the younger one is actually a set of twins who grew up to become more successful than the entire Tanner family combined.

But back to the Tanner at hand. One look that the over-emotional and awkward video montage tells an important tale.

No one said it was easy growing up Tanner. You try living next door to Kimmy Gibler.

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