The Story of Menstruation: Animated!

Oh, menstruation.

Not a lot of people like to talk about it. Girls are pissed off at having to deal with it, and guys are either skeeved out or completely in the dark about it.

A few years (like oh, 40 or so) ago, the cartoonists at Disney realized what a bad rap menstruation was getting. They decided it was their duty to help kids out everywhere. And so they made an animated short. All about periods.

This quick little instructional video has lots of helpful tips; including “It’s smart to keep looking smart, that well groomed feeling will give you new poise and lift your moral.” (in other words, don’t wear sweatpants and giant T-shirts all week. It looks ugly), as well as “The menstrual period should bring no severe discomfort.” (it won’t be severe like cutting-off-a-leg-with-no-Novocain, but prepare for pain).

My favorite part is probably the 1960’s description of PMS. “Some girls have a little less pep, a feeling of pressure on the lower part of the body, perhaps the occasional twinge or a touch of nerves.” This must be Disney’s disnified way of saying “you could get pissed off for no reason, cry at Hallmark commercials, or want to sleep all day”.

In case your own sex ed class was a little less than stellar, sit back and enjoy a cartoon all about periods—and laugh a little when you realize my elementary school made us girls watch this exact thing.

Oh yeah, we were progressive.

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