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Back to School: Productive Time-Wasters


Not even a month into my senior year of college and I’ve already skipped two classes, started my homework for all of them the night before or the morning of class, and most impressively, have yet to even open the textbook for one class. It looks like this will be my finest year of procrastination yet.

My procrastination however, is actually quite productive in its own way.

I don’t simply lounge around on the couch and troll Facebook to see what my best friend from elementary school is up to these days. I mean of course I do that too, but you’d be surprised at how effective your time-wasting can actually be, aside from effectively lowering your GPA. Check out these sites next time you’re procrastinating, which will likely be within in the next 24 hours:

Watch TV on

This site has years of procrastination in store for you, from anime cartoons to movies to guilty-pleasure TV shows from simpler days. “Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place,” anyone?

Get Life Advice at

This gal Sara “Sars” Bunting is a humor writer and totally addictive. You’ll find all sorts of essays on her site, but it’s her advice column that has me refreshing her page an alarming number of times a day. Best of all? Her advice archives are separated into categories, so no matter what your current life drama, you’ll find some sound advice or at least some comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in your all-consuming hatred for your roommate’s cat and why won’t it stop peeing on the couch?!

Start an Argument at

You’ve probably already heard of Tucker Max, playboy and internet celebrity, and perhaps have read about his varied and often sickening sexual adventures. Now check out his message board for always-entertaining discussion topics, like “Tell us what you did after a break-up that you think might be helpful to the people on this board who are destined to fuck up their relationships.”

Study Fashion at

All those MySpace photo albums full of your self-shot oddly angled emo poses will finally be of good use! Pose in front of a full-length mirror and upload pictures of your favorite outfits, or look at others’ fashion diaries for some style inspiration. Or to feel fat and frumpy. You choose.