The Freshman 15 to be Made Public. Perfect.

Is your freshman year a little bumpier than expected? College making you feel more like an outsider than part of a community? Think you’re the only one with these problems?

Well, Seventeen magazine and MySpace want to ease your worries (and make a profit from our current reality TV craze) by giving the world a “web based reality program” called Freshman 15.

“The magazine and MySpace will follow 15 girls in print and online through the demanding first year of college”, each one from a different and “diverse” background.

According to one source, every girl will have her own MySpace profile that will be frequently updated with clips, pictures and blogs—which makes me think the whole thing will be a lot more manufactured than the producers are letting on.

And having cameras follow you around sort of defeats the purpose of being completely real, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t these girls be focusing on school and not on whether or not they got a comment on MySpace?

How much you want to bet these girls pull a Lauren Conrad and drop out as soon as the show hits the air?

Either way, Freshman 15 will debut in the October issue of Seventeen magazine and run through May 2008.

…no word yet on who will be responsible when the first underage girl is recorded puking from one too many red plastic cups filled with “mystery punch”.

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