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Am I Going Insane? Nope, Just Ringxiety!


When I don’t have my cell phone on me throughout the day, I feel naked. Truly.

During college, if I ever forgot it back at my sorority house after heading out for the day, I would somehow find a way to sprint back and get it in between classes. I was so sure I would miss the call of a lifetime during that 9 am – 10:20 am time period.

Usually, I didn’t.

Well, this addiction causes me to have frequent instances where I can swear I hear it ringing, but when I would reach into my bag and take a look, it is totally silent.

No missed calls, no new text messages, no new picture messages. What is this weird thing that I was hearing?

Am I going crazy?

Nope, just suffering from a case of Ringxiety. And yes, it is a real thing, and there has now been a study done to back it up.

According to a recent news report, “A new study found that two thirds of the people surveyed reported hearing their phone ring or feeling it vibrate when it had not actually rung. The phenomenon has been termed ringxiety…The more frequently a person uses their phone, the more often they reported hearing a phantom ring, the study found. These participants (67% of the people surveyed) had higher monthly charges, used more minutes, sent more text messages, and showed higher levels of impulsivity.”

I love seemingly meaningless studies as much as the next girl, but it’s pretty easy to see that if you’re constantly on your phone you’re going to be constantly thinking about it and therefore “hearing” it ring.

Put it this way, it’s like having a song stuck in your head. You “hear” it, but is it playing on the stereo? No, you’re just tweaking out because you’ve listened to that Kanye song all freaking day.

So, do not worry, when you experience this phantom ringing, you are not going insane from the massive amounts of coffee you drank in order to cram for that big exam. You are only suffering from a case of Ringxiety. The cure: Put down the cell phone and walk away…no picture message is that important.

Midwesterner turned big city gal by way of upstate NY for four awesome years of the co-ed experience. Currently rocking NYC and the recent post-grad life, but secretly pretending I'm still in college and sitting in my sorority dining room dishing with girlfriends about the events of previous night.