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Our Hyper-Sexual Society: Who’s Really Harmed?


Every day someone muses about how fast kids are growing up in today’s society; how sexually charged their lives are, how full of mixed messages.

Kids don’t get to be kids anymore!” is what everyone seems to be saying, “They’re becoming inexperienced adults!

I don’t usually buy all our hyper-sexualized tween hysteria (I’m pretty sure most of this stuff has been going on for decades—just without YouTube), but after coming across this story, I can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on.

According to sources, a 6-year-old boy was recently caught running a ‘sex club’ out of his elementary school in Melbourne, Australia.

The boy has recently been placed in counseling for allegedly urging another 6-year-old to “perform a sex act” and “expos[ing] himself in front of other students.”

It’s hard to tell if parents and school officials are blowing an innocent act of kindergarten rebellion out of proportion (as we are want to do these days), or if our culture has really and truly gone off the deep end in terms of sexual exposure.

Have flashes of Britney’s vajayjay and MTV’s explicit videos (and Puffy’s awful, awful commercials) saturated our society so much that children who don’t even know what they’re saying repeat what they hear from the media? Are we slowly brainwashing our kids to see sex as no big deal?

Or is it our minds that really have the issue? Could we as adults be so preoccupied with what we claim disgusts us, that we label a confused little boy’s conversation as a ‘sex club’?

…In any case, when I have kids (in 50 years or so), I’m teaching them the earmuff rule as soon as they’re born.