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P-Diddy Perfume Ad MTV Doesn’t Want You to See


I have so many issues with this one, I don’t even know where to begin. So here goes nothing.

P-Diddy the Perfume? WTF??? Ok, technically it’s Sean John, but P-Diddy is Sean John- so still I say WTF? – Double WTF???

Is there really a girl out there that is going to buy this sh*t… let alone wear it? I can smell it now… hundreds of fat-backed, skank-ass, halter top-wearing honeys packing the 40 /40 club donning Diddy’s “fresh” new scent- I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I can only imagine it smells a bit like the enclosed storefront ATM by my apartment that a homeless man has conveniently made his own personal restroom… with a hint of “Meadows & Rain” Febreze.

Personal taste aside, MTV has refused to air the ads for P-Diddy’s unforgiveable fragrance “Unforgiveable Women” by Sean John. Although MTV has declined to comment, Puffy says the spots were “deemed too provocative and too sexual for television with cable network executives reportedly demanding the erotic content be edited.”

There is no question the ads are a bit on the racy side, but certainly no more sexually offensive than MTV’s Spring-Break and Real World gropefests. The reality of the situation is the ads are as pungent as the perfume itself… they just stink. Take a look for yourself.

See the ad after the jump.


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