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Sibling Rivalry: Do Guys Care About Fashion Week?


Sibling Rivarly is back!

During this week’s blog, I torture the Bro with fashion questions, ask what he thinks of couture outfits (and the models wearing them), and force him play stream-of-consciousness.

Ah, just like being in the backseat of a car on our way to Grandma’s.

Me: Alright, well, you might not have known that it was fashion week last week in New York. First off…do you have any idea who Anna Wintour is?

The Bro: nope

Me: She’s basically this 50ish year old woman who wears giant sunglasses and thinks she is the most fashion forward person on the planet

Me: here is a picture of her: (she’s in the middle) Thoughts?

The Bro: She doesn’t look as old as meryl streep does in that movie

Me: Have you ever opened a Vogue?

The Bro: No it’s too heavy. And people aren’t hot in it.

Me: Here’s an example of a new hot designer. What do you think of when you look at it?

The Bro: The girls wearing white look nice, the girls wearing blue look retarded, and the girl wearing the pantsuit is being made fun of. And the girl with pink lips and bleached hair looks like an alien

Me: quick stream of consciousness association: 1) skinny jeans 2) skinny models 3) shoulder pads 4) berets on girls

The Bro: 1) Uncomfortable 2) Skeletor 3) Football 4) gays in the military.

Me: Leggings

The Bro: Weird

Me: Old Women Dictating How We Should All Dress:

The Bro: the power of the media

Me: Me Not Being Cool Enough to Get Into Any Fashion Week Parties:

The Bro: life