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Stop Hiding From Your Hook-Ups!


After-hook-up relations are not always easy.

Seeing someone you made out or slept with a few days after the fact can be weird, uncomfortable, and even painful. It can also be awkward with a capital A.

If the experience was extremely unmemorable (or horrible…because that sometimes usually happens), we may even resort to running and hiding behind trees whenever we spy a recent bedfellow (not that I ever did that. I preferred to hide behind bushes. More coverage.).

On small college campuses, avoiding people can become difficult, and many of us probably wish at the very least that we could relate to our hook-ups the way we did before everything went down.

Well, we can!

A few years ago, after hooking-up with and subsequently getting seriously pissed off at a guy when I realized he had a girlfriend, I thought our friendship was over. But I still had to see him every day. So what was I going to do?

Be angry at him and laugh to myself with evil glee every time he asked a stupid question in class? For a little while, sure.

But after a few months went by and I didn’t feel like being mad anymore (because honestly, being angry takes work) I realized that as soon as I started acting normal around him, our relationship went back to how it was before; he was kind of dumb yet lovable, we hung out at parties, and then went our separate ways.

Now, if someone hurts you big time, it may not be advisable to be friendly with them again, but if there’s nothing between you and a hook-up besides some awkward air, acting like your relationship is back to normal can often make it so.

Showing your hook-up that you don’t feel strange (even if you do), will signal that they can feel comfortable too, allowing each of you to chalk what happened up to a random night and one too many trips to the keg.

…and if they refuse to make things easier? Just scream “you weren’t that good anyway!” at the top of your lungs in a crowded room.

After that, the chances of you two meeting again is pretty slim.