Christians Now Convert the Gays As Well!

Today, being gay is not such a taboo. But in the utopian Christian world, being gay is still unacceptable.

As a former bible toting, God-loving Christian, I can easily say that converts are whole-heartedly welcomed and celebrated in the church. But now, there is another type of conversion, a conversion from “straight” to gay to “straight” again that is also being welcomed and accepted.

This “conversion therapy” is really behavior modification or simply put, brainwashing.

From the article on ABC News, it sounds much like the movie So You Want to Be a Cheerleader except in real life (and maybe slightly less creepy…remember those outfits??). Making someone participate in so-called straight male activities like football banter with the guys or automobile maintenance aren’t any way to change their inherent attraction to one sex or another.

James Serra attended Love In Action, the largest gay “rehab” located in Tennessee. He spent THREE YEARS in the program and is now a counselor.

Serra said that he sees homosexuality as a behavior, a choice. Although he is still attracted to men, he has not acted on his feelings for eight years. He hasn’t been with a woman either.

I hate to break it to this guy, but that isn’t conversion, that’s a really long sex drought.

As a reformed, and now much cooler and accepting Christian, I have a problem with the church trying to convert their gay population into a “straight population” because it is not going along with the message that Jesus (you know, that slightly important religious figure) tried so hard to preach: God loves everyone.

This does not exclude the vagabonds, the sex workers, the child molesters, the gays or the plain old sinners like myself. It is an all-inclusive club that everyone is invited to and no one is turned away at the door.

Perhaps it is my distaste for organized religion in general that makes me feel so bitter about these so-called “converts.”

I also have more than a few lesbian friends who are openly gay, active in the church and live in the South.

It gives me hope that not all Christians are crazy.

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It’s Wedding Season in The Hills!
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