Really Old Lady Marries Really Young Guy

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I’m totally for love conquering all and knowing no bounds and all that fluffy good stuff, but honestly, does anyone really believe this story??

An 82-year-old Argentinean woman married a 24-year-old man last week, making those of us who aren’t naive idiots shake our heads. Apparently, the two had been “engaged for several years” and found love after the guy’s mother died and left him with his elderly caretaker/new wife at the age of 15.

When reporters asked the woman if the marriage would be more “than just spiritual” (he should have just straight up asked if they were going to bone) she replied that it would be, making most of the media laugh on the outside and most definitely retch on the inside.

Call me a cynic, but marrying someone 58 years your elder is usually a sign of one of two things: A) you’re blind and deaf and also stupid, or B) that older significant other has boatloads of cash.

Judging by the fur coat the old lady is sporting in every picture, I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with her young husband’s vision.

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