Money Goes Social; Just May Save Us All

I don’t know about you, but when I earn some cold hard cash, the word “budget” is definitely not the first thing on my mind.

In fact, that money is spent on clothes, nights out, and my astronomical rent (woo, New York City!) so fast that a budget is almost a laughable concept.

I’m willing to bet (I spend my money on gambling too, apparently) that you just may be in the same financial boat, which is why College Candy is here to help your broke ass out.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that budgeting your money isn’t so bad because–gasp!–it is now possible to manage your finances the same way we all manage our friends! How, you ask?

Social networking! It seems to be the only way we know how to do anything anymore. But, it’s so obvious! You gotta love it.

Financial social networking sites like and are here to save the day…and your pocketbook!

It works like traditional money managing software like Quicken or Money, but here’s the catch…your peers can offer feedback on just how well you are spending your paycheck. They can offer tips and tricks that may increase your savings or slash your debt. (Can they leave drunken wall posts too?)

The idea seems too good to be true! We all can use a (free) financial advisor and this offers us thousands! And I could use all the help I can get. Down and out college student? Don’t pretend your wallet couldn’t use a little boost or that you “don’t get it”. You use Facebook, right? Then get your poor butt in gear and start getting responsible!

And for all you worry worts out there, the networks are on lockdown. They work like standard banking sites, which means your personal info isn’t going to get in the grubby little hands of identity theives.

Your only worry now?

Who’s more trustworthy? A virtual stranger telling you to go for that loan or your own Prada-obsessed brain itching for a fashion fix?

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