Smell Like Mint at the Gym

After 30 minutes on the elliptical, sweat trickling down my back, face red and unattractive, legs shaking, the first thing I think is, damn, I wish I smelled like peppermint.

Reebok must have heard those imagined thoughts (because I certainly never thought them) and created a product that pretty much defies all logic but still probably sells well: the scented sports bra!

For a mere $28.95, your breasts can smell like they just brushed their teeth…or something. What’s the value in having minty fresh boobs?

I guess for the sweaty chicks among us, the minty scent can mask the otherwise offensive odors that may eminate from our chest, right? I mean sports bras and boob sweat go together like Bret Michaels and strippers!

But honestly, I’ve never noticed that boobs may need a little scented boost. So, the only other reason that this unnecessary product could possibly exist would have to be the aromatheraputic properties of peppermint.

Maybe your sinuses need a little clearing out in the midst of your kickboxing class.

Maybe your 10-mile run could use a little spicing up (especially on the streets of Manhattan). Or, maybe you’re just out to catch the eye (or nose) of that dude in the weight room who looks to actually have an IQ of over 50.

Is this stupid product absolutely ridiulous, um, yes. Does it smell good? Mixed with gym sweat…no. But all you hippy chicks on your way to Pilates…enjoy!

And for the rest…I hope you catch that mint-loving jock!

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