The Hills: I Just Saw Lo’s Britney

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I for one am quite excited about the return of Lo to The Hills this season.

And how could you not? She coined “Justin-Bobby”!

She also happens to be the only normal person to ever appear on this damn network. And every episode makes me love her more, especially when she gets drunk and shows her biz-ness to the world.

But Lo’s va-jay is not the (only) reason I loved The Hills last night. It was the ever so glamorous trip to Vegas with a hint of Heidi/Spencer dramaa that really did me in. Oh, and by “drama” I mean yet another trip to that damn Mexican restaurant.

Oh and let me just say that watching Spencer sporting the beard makes me constantly wonder if I’m watching The Hills or watching that new show Cavemen.

But enough about that thing – let us focus ourselves back on the good stuff: Vegas.

Or rather what the party would have been like had Lauren and crew not shown up. From what I saw, without a visit from LC Brody’s 24th birthday bash would have involved three guys sitting around talking about how much fun they were having in a very tacky hotel suite.

Thankfully, LC and Co. (including yet another awful piece of Justin-Bobby headwear) did arrive and the party really got started. Shots were taken, Britney’s were exposed and scandalous make out sessions were had all around. And, just like every drunken birthday party I have attended in the past four years, the evening was topped off with a drunken fight on a revolving bed.

I wish I could have jumped into the TV and stopped Lo from bringing up the dreaded “Justin-Bobby hates us” convo. I have been there before, Lo, and while we think it’s a good idea to discuss touchy subjects while drinking (because we are all drunk and this will be funnier now!), it always ends badly.

Thankfully, Audrina safely stepped off the rotating bed before crying, crying more about how Lauren hates her now, getting angry and storming out of the room in search of her mangy man.

And that is how the night ended. With Lauren all pensive by Brody’s indoor pool (what?!) and then a little tiff/make up kiss with the Brode-Man on his mega bed. Not the most exciting ending considering MTV made it look like another sex-tape was about to be made, but scenes for the rest of the season are looking pretty f*cking awesome.

But before I leave you to catch up on my DVR’d Oprah’s, I have to ask you this:

In a contest between Justin’s ugly hats, Spencer’s beard and Brody’s bionic hand…who would win?

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