Be Cool, Be Green With Post A Phone!

Think you and your phone are the coolest thing to grace the planet?

There are many among us that consider our cell phones a status symbol, a fashionable accessory that proves our technological prowess (and willingness to spend hundreds on a chunk of metal).

There are others who still use the free piece of sh*t we got when we activated our plans.

Well, it’s time to push your pretentiousness (or indifference) aside because theres a new phone out there that’s so small, so sleek, and so thin that even the newest iPhone prototypes can’t live up to it. Welcome the Post A Phone!

At 4 millimeters, can we all finally agree that its just about the smallest phone you can get? I really don’t think they can get much sleeker! At any rate, Post A Phone rules.

Here’s what it does:

When your usual cell phone craps out on you (or you drunkenly drop it in a toilet…it happens), you simply order (if you’re smart — pre-phone meltdown) Post A Phone and it comes to you through the regular mail. When you open the teeny-tiny box, you’ll find a fully functioning phone made entirely of recycled cardboard and/or plastic.

Sound flimsy to you? Get with it! Because this little baby is so lightweight and environmentally friendly (not to mention, cute!) that you really can’t go wrong. No word on pricing yet, but here’s hoping they’re affordable because I don’t know how many more blurry Friday nights my little cell can take.

With its simple interface, Post A Phone is a sort of throwback to one-on-one communication rather than the sometimes stifiling, all-inclusive quality of the internet. And did I mention, it’s good for the earth?

And that my friends, is the coolest part of all.

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