Candidate Craze: Find Out Where You Stand In ‘08

Don’t know which candidate you’re leaning towards for next year’s presidential elections?

Yeah, me either.

Despite the candidates push to get the attention of our generation, I still haven’t done as much homework as I need to on the candidates and their issues.

From getting on MySpace to being interviewed by Tyra Banks, these candidates are speaking to the ladies and gents of our technology savvy generation.

They (finally!) understand that the young people in this country have a voice, and that voice is going to speak loudly in ’08.

This quiz (I know, quizzes, UGH!) is a good precursor to all that candidate homework that is right around the corner. It asks how you feel about a few of the very important issues and tells you how you align with EACH of the presidential candidates.

It’s surprising to see exactly how each candidate feels about the issues that you feel are most important for our country.

I know that there are actual quizzes to take and papers to write, but with the turmoil of our country at the moment, we cannot afford to be apathetic about the presidential elections.

Besides, who doesn’t like to procrastinate with an online quiz?

By the time next year rolls around, I’ll be damn sure to have studied up so I know I am making the right choice based on the right issues.

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