Celeb Plastic Surgery: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Sure, it’s a given that if you’re a somebody in Hollywood, you’ve probably got a fake…something. Nose, chin, ass, boobs–it’s a virtual grab bag of faux perfection!We can always tell when a celeb gets some work done. Always.

There are entire websites dedicated to outing stars who go under the knife! And, correct me if I’m wrong, but it almost always looks comically obvious, or even worse, botched.

So, why is it that celebrities keep going in see see their Docs to fix, correct, tighten, or sculpt? Answer: They’re crazy. Most of them are plain old nutjobs, if you ask us!

It’s hugely rare to see a celeb go in for their Frankenstein-esque procedures and not come out looking like…well, Frankenstein. But there are a lucky few that just so happened to come out alive! Thank God.

Check out our Plastic Surgery: Good, Bad, and the Ugly photo gallery after the jump![album=35]

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