Loving Yourself, Despite Life.

You know when life just sucks? When one crappy thing happens after another, after another and you feel like life just took a big dump on you?

Yeah, welcome to my life as of late.

It’s like I can’t get out of these series of unfortunate events that are just cropping up day after day. Not everything is totally sh*tty, I do see the good things that are continuously happening, but it’s like I’m being stoned and the world just keeps on throwing rock after rock at my face.

And it hurts.

The worst part of it though, is that I’m having a hard time separating these crappy times from my self-esteem. When life gets me down, my self worth tends to go with it. And most times, I end up at the end of it all trying to get my life—and my body—back in loveable condition.

But this time I say NO.

This time, despite all the sh*t, I’m trying my hardest to keep my body-love separate from my life-love. So what if my life sucks, I am determined not to let the self-esteem I have worked so hard to build crumble along with the rest of my life. Even when everything else is going down, I am working on staying strong.

I happened along the blog La Dolce Vita’s most recent entry, an affirmation to YOU.

There is no one else in the world like you. There is no one who has experienced every single experience you have or shares the exact same outlook that you do. You bring something unique and wonderful into this world every single day you are in it. You are one of a kind and while it might be nice to admire the bodies, personalities, achievements and other attributes belonging to others, you can only be you.

Take what you have and take the best care of it you can. Honor the space that is your body. Exercise your mind and clean out the clutter and chaos that comes by way of toxic relationships, bad habits and vintage thought processes.

Carry yourself with the care and pride you do your favorite piece of jewelry or clothings. Cherish yourself. You do not have to look a certain way, be a certain size or be attached to someone to be gorgeous, loveable and meaningful to this world. You are priceless and the moment you realize that your whole life will open up.

Someone is looking at you with admiration right now. They see greatness in you. Now see it in yourself.

Tell me, what do you love about you?

So today, I’m trying to think of all the reasons I love myself. The reasons I’m so kick-ass even though life is kicking my ass.

I will get through with my self-worth and self-love still intact. It sounds so cheesy, but it’s true. When everything else is crumbling, I need some firm ground to stand on. And right now that firm ground is going to be me.

Let’s hear it, ladies… What’s your reason for loving yourself TODAY?? Let us know in the comments.

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