My Freshman Year: Day 44

Days as a Freshman: 44

Mood: Peaceful

“And I was all, ‘you can’t just grab my boobs without asking first!’”

Stacey pushed through our door without knocking; barging in on what had been a peaceful study session between Rebecca and myself.

Dropping her purse by the door, kicking off her shoes in the middle of the room, and letting two shopping bags collapse all over her desk, Stacey continued to scream into her purple rhinestoned phone.

“It’s like, if you’re gonna reach for them, you gotta ask my permission, you know?” Digging around inside one of the shopping bags, Stacey took no notice of the serene environment she had just disrupted. “Seriously. Anyway, I gotta go. If I don’t fold these shirts right now they’ll totally wrinkle.”

Clicking her phone shut with one hand, Stacey raised a pile of newly purchased polos in another and spun around towards us. “What’re you kids doing in here? It smells weird. Something’s burning.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes and turned her back on Stacey. “We’re burning incense. And studying. You know…the thing people do that makes college worthwhile?”

“Oh.” Stacey looked over at us and made a face, somehow completely tuning out Rebecca’s insult. “It’s a Thursday night. Definitely not a studying night.”

Stepping around our history notes and upturned flashcards, Stacey walked over to her bed and began to carefully fold her new shirts, handling each one like snow that would melt at the slightest pressure. “Didn’t see you at the dance last week, Grace. Didn’t you say you were going?”

“I went.” Keeping my eyes on my 17th Century timeline, I did my best to keep my mind on it as well. Stacey’s question was all my head needed to begin replying images of that stupid night.

“You did? I didn’t see you, and I was all over that place.”

“I bet you were” Rebecca said under her breath, flipping a flashcard in my direction and smiling.

“I was there. Didn’t stay that long.” Squishing the disintegrated remains of our sandalwood incense stick against its holder, I secretly willed Stacey to stop talking about the dance.

“Saw Sasha there” Stacey said, completely ignoring my ESP pleas, “He was totally wasted with some of the other soccer boys. You should have seen the way he was dancing.”

Stacey slammed her drawer shut as my heart slammed into the bottom of my stomach. “Was he dancing with anyone in particular?” I asked, trying not to sound interested. “Or was he just running around the place?”

“Who wasn’t he dancing with?” Stacey snorted, falling onto her bed and examining her freshly manicured nails. “You should have seen him, Grace. A total player. There must have been 5 girls around him at once.”

Of course there were, I thought, pushing my notes away and staring at the floor. What else would you expect from someone like him?

“He fell into me at one point and asked about you.” Not looking up from her hands, Stacey continued to talk, oblivious to everything except what was right in front of her. “I told him I hadn’t seen you. He looked kinda disappointed.”

The excitement that washed over me must have been palpable, because Rebecca caught my eye and winked.

I smiled back, too delirious to do anything else.

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