Shot of the Week: Cherry Bomb

The recent invention of Red Bull has allowed many of us to experience nightlife like never before.

In the past, most of us fell into our beds on Friday night, the long week taking it’s toll on our brains and energy.

But these days, pour a little of that strange tasting liquid into a glass, and suddenly, we’re ready to run around campus in high heels, without a jacket, yelling loud hellos to whoever we happen to jump over.

If this week has been as long for you as it’s been for me (who gets sick twice in one month?!) take a shot of this before the clock strikes eleven tonight.

You should be rearing to go in no time.

Cherry Bomb

1 oz cherry vodka

3 oz Red Bull

1 splash grenadine syrup

Pour your vodka and Red Bull into a small glass. Add grenadine slowly so it sinks to the bottom for a cool layered effect.

Turn up some Journey, clink glasses, and get the night going!

…just remember, not even the power of amazing 80’s hair bands can save you from the spins.

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