Weekly Obsessions: Healthy and Happy

Welcome to Thursday! Last week I was channeling Grandma, and while some of those habits have carried over from last week (I still can’t get enough of crosswords!), there’s a whole new crop of cool that’s just waiting to be unveiled to you all.

This week is about being healthy and happy. It’s not as hard as you think…

Fashion Obsession: Navy Blue

Everyone’s abuzz with the news that navy is back! Well, did it ever really go anywhere? Not to me! It’s been a long standing fashion no-no to pair navy blue and black, but not anymore, and I couldn’t be more excited. What’s even better is that it’s so easy to hop on the blue bandwagon that there’s no excuse not to give it a shot!

Check out this adorable little frock from TopShop (love the collar) or this navy raincoat from Forever 21 that is cute as a button!

Technology Obsession: Nikon D40

Last week, I featured the DigiWalker C720T which was more a GPS system than digi cam. But the Nikon D40 is my choice this week for a super powerful digital SLR camera for not only its user friendly design but its ultra sharp quality.

Remember last week when I mentioned my love for taking walks? Bringing a camera along always makes for a memorable adventure and opens your eyes to things you might overlook otherwise. We may not all live in a big city, but give taking a long walk a shot this week. It’s totally worth it!

Health and Body Obsession: Yoga

I’ve never been the most athletic girl.

Sure, I played softball when I was little and would dabble in volleyball and golf (not exactly terribly athletic, anyway…) as I reached high school, but I was never one to hit up the gym after dinner like the rest of my friends. But lately, I’ve been noticing just how hard it is to walk up the five flights of stairs to the office every morning and that’s when I knew it was due time I strengthened up. So, what did I do?

Yoga! Vasantha Yoga is my practice of choice and I totally love how it focuses my breathing and destressed me while I get the health benefits without even realizing it!

For those of you looking to spice it up a bit? Word on the street is that Crunch Gyms are adding a Kama Sutra Yoga class.

Sign me up!

Food Obsession: Bento Boxes

Call me crazy, but I have this weird fascination with containers. I know, I know, it’s probably just some strange kind of OCD tendency rearing its head, but nontheless, I love ’em.

That’s why when I came across these, I knew I had to learn more. Bento Boxes here in the States are usually found on the menu at your local sushi place, but you can buy your own little one to use for your own office (or classroom) lunches.

I love this concept because I’ve always been a fan of the traditional lunchbox but feel silly, at 23, carrying one around. This solves that problem.

Extra bonus? Bringing your lunch everyday will not only save you money but will allow you to control exactly what you’re eating which will keep you healthy…and happy!

See you next week!

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