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5 Reasons George Clooney Should Be President


Clooney/Pitt ’08!

So, there’s this semi-serious (but mostly joking) whispering among peeps on the internet that George Clooney should (or depending on what you read, is going to) run for president in 2008.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to political matters, my eyes vote first, so in this case, this is one George I’m willing to support!

Okay, I’m not completely vapid. Important issues matter to me (ugh, that sounds kinda vapid though, huh?). Things like the war, the environment, and the fact that there are people in this country that go without food, water, or electricity is absolutely unbelievable. Can George help fix the problems we face as a country?

A Clooney bid for the White House wouldn’t be that far fetched. I mean, if Kindergarten Cop can be one of our largest state’s governor, and a B-List movie star could be one of our most beloved presidents…a liberal-minded, actor/activist can certainly fill the bill.

Skeptical? Here’s Five Good Reasons George Clooney Could Make it to Washington:

1) Let’s be honest. There are those among us that will vote next November mostly because MTV and P Diddy told them to. Who will they vote for? The hot one. Score one for Clooney!

2) Did you see his commanding leadership skills in Ocean’s 11? If he can outsmart Vegas, he can outsmart at least a few countries.

3)He saves lives.

4)He does know what the hell is going on domestically and internationally. His movies, Syriana and Good Night, and Good Luck were educated films with a political edge that got people talking and paying attention. Oooo, a filmmaker president? I’m intrigued.

5) Brad Pitt told him to, “I have no desire [to run for office] at this point. Maybe I serve better by not going through that door. George should do it!” End of story.

Would you vote for a Clooney presidency?