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Let’s Put the 80’s To Bed


Please make the eighties comeback stop.

I know, it’s funny to be campy and over the top. But didn’t we all make fun of the eighties the first time around? Now it seems the spandex are unstoppable, patent leather is everywhere, and even the fanny pack has re-invented itself as a bit of “so old it’s new.”

I will say that the leggings, short dress, and boot combo is functional and sort of sexy. I’ll admit it I’ve rocked it.

But every time I walk into a shoe store and see the patent leather shoe, I think to myself, really? I think that was over circa 1990. If I see shoulder pads I might slap somebody. I know that Europeans have been heading towards the eighties trend for some time now.

The last time I was in France (about a year ago) I would see the skinny jeans, with heels and be brought back to the iconic image of Brooke Shields in her Calvins.

As a not-so-skinny girl, (size 12 perfectly normal) the flared jean has done wonders for me. Then suddenly out of nowhere it seemed the skinny jean and/or the spandex was everywhere. Me and my above average ass were not ok with this.

Check out the awesomely bad 80’s fashion gallery after the jump!

So, perhaps my desire to stop the eighties comeback is simply just a selfish desire to not feel completely ridiculous in clothes that just don’t work on me. But I do want us all to take a moment and reflect on those photos from the eighties, and note how ridiculous everyone looks.

Then look down at what you might be wearing at the moment and note that you might look ridiculous as well.