11 Of The Craziest College Courses Ever

The most boring class I took in college was Statistics I.

It was boring and hard, which meant that no matter what I tried, I constantly fell asleep next to my computer and woke up completely lost.

If only I could have taken one of these classes compiled by Mental Floss Magazine, I’m sure my GPA would have looked much better. Instead of dozing off to the lulling sound of a professor droning on about ratios, I could have been studying muppets and watching Sesame Street.

All of these, at one time, actually existed.

The Horror Film in ContextBowdoin – Watch people get their heads smashed in and then talk about why society likes to watch people get their heads smashed in.

Simpsons and PhilosophyCal-Berkeley – How much does this popular show reflect society? Apparently enough to warrant a semester’s worth of lectures.

Maple Syrup-The Real ThingAlfred – Haven’t you always wanted to know the entire history of syrup?

The Science of Harry PotterFrostburg State – Is it possible to make broomsticks fly? Let’s discuss.

Oprah Winfrey-The TyconU. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Race, Success, Money…and dealing with crazy movie stars jumping on your couch.

Far Side EntomologyOregon State – Comic strips and insects. Sure, why not?

History of Electronic Dance Music UCLA Ace of Base never sounded so smart.

The Future is Lost: TV Series as Cultural PhenomenonTufts – Smart kids + mind-numbingly confusing show that went nowhere = deeper meanings that never existed.

Muppet Magic: Jim Henson’s ArtUC-Santa Cruz – How have muppets change your life, Little Jimmy?

Getting DressedPrinceton – If you are what you wear, this class is probably full of polos and boat shoes.

Biblical Model for Home and FamilySouthwestern Baptist Theological Seminary – Gosh, I’ve always wanted to know how to “submit graciously” to my future husband!

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