A Do-It Yourself Pumpkin Facial

Apples and Pumpkins. That’s fall. Apples, Pumpkins, and realizing it’s too cold for that little skirt but not cold enough to go back and change.

Oh, and fall is also about wind.

Harsh wind that will do a number to that delicate, summer sun-kissed face of yours if you’re not careful. A delicate, sun-kissed face that can be totally repaired by pumpkin.

See how we went full circle there?

To keep that beautiful face of yours beautiful, I’ve found the best, all natural pumpkin facial around. It smoothes and repairs, and best of all, smells awesome.


2 teaspoons cooked or canned pumpkin, pureed

one-half teaspoon honey

one-quarter teaspoon milk (or soymilk)


Combine all your ingredients and apply to your face—just don’t shove it into your eyes.

Hang out for 10-15 minutes, then wash your face with warm water and apply your normal moisturizer.

In case you become obsessed with the sweet smell of pumpkin after applying this mask, I’ve found a few more cucurbit-inspired products to keep you going straight into Novemeber.

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