Let’s Give Back: 10 Ways to Get Started

It is now nearing the middle of October. If midterms aren’t bringing you down just yet, something probably is. Whether it be guy problems, money problems, annoying roommate issues or simply a general feeling of crappiness, you want nothing more than to vent, drink, and wallow in your world of misery.


I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. And everyone needs a little time to bitch.

But after watching an episode of Oprah all about giving back, I was inspired by a young girl who was battling a life threatening disease. Despite her condition, she found the time and energy to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for children suffering from AIDS in Africa. Makes our problems see quite trivial, eh?

Sure, your guy issues may seem like a giant deal when you have a date party coming up and the guy you love just hooked up with someone else and now you are going to be forced to be the only one in the entire house to go alone and that is not only totally embarrassing but a complete waste of the $250 you spent on that hot new dress.

Let’s face it, people; there are people out there with real problems. People who need real help. Children battling cancer, families living on the streets, women being abused in the homes they have built for their families. Situations like these force us to wake up and realize that our “problems” are trivial. So, instead of sitting around and bitching about the small stuff, why not use that energy to help those who really need us?

Need some ideas? Start here:

1. Find your local Habitat for Humanity

2. Hold a book drive for inner city schools

3. Volunteer for various city clean up projects

4. Volunteer at a children’s hospital

5. Tutor inner city students

6. Donate your old clothing to a battered women’s shelter

7. Help out with adult literacy programs

8. Join your school’s Dance Marathon or Relay for Life (Don’t have these at your school? Start one!)

9. Donate blood

10. Lend a hand at the local Humane Society

These projects will not only directly affect those people (or animals) you work with and for, but will also make you realize that those huge problems you had aren’t so bad after all.

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