Beauty Scare: Lead Lipstick?

There were reports last week that us women are absorbing copious amounts of chemicals from the cosmetics we slather on our faces each day.

And, yeah, that’s scary and all, but for one reason or another, everything I read about it really lacked the real-life scariness needed to really light a fire under my ass.

Until I read this.

We are all aware that lipstick goes on our lips, right? Which are fractions of inches from our mouths? Which can easily absorb whatever comes near it just as easily (and much more understandably) as our skin can?

Do we all live in a third world country? Why are companies like L’Oreal and Dior (Dior for God’s sakes!) letting us ingest lethal chemicals?

Personally, I think lipstick feels obnoxiously fake and heavy on my lips (Ha! I wonder why…) and so, I’ve never been a fan but almost every other woman in the world most certainly is.

Never fear, lipstick-wearing readers, there is a solution! At risk of sounding like a hippie, you owe it to yourself to try organic lipsticks! People are always going on and on about organic food…it makes sense to try natural makeup too!

Want to give it a shot? Try Hemp Organics, Green People, or Dr. Hauschka.

In the meantime, someone better call Tyra and let her know that all of that Cover Girl crap she’s peddling in the form of a televised modeling competition is probably going to give us all cancer.

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