October is All About Thinking Pink

To me, October signifies a couple of things:

1) Halloween is coming— which means candy and lots of girls prancing around in costumes that always start with the world “slutty”.

2) The return of my coziest sweaters and Pumpkin Spice Lattes which is really one of the happiest moments of fall.

3) Midterms- which usually results in a whole lot of numbers one and two (minus the slutty costumes of course).

But more important than all those things?

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The American Cancer Society estimates the chances of a woman developing breast cancer in her lifetime is one in eight.

What’s even scarier is that breast cancer is being found in women younger and younger (such as singers Kylie Minogue and Anastasia).

A key factor in breast cancer survival is early detection. So, listen up!

Right now, in front of your computer (I won’t judge) I want you to feel yourself up. Go for it. Let those girls of yours know its play time. But before you boogie on down: click here for a video on how to give yourself an accurate breast exam. Then, I give you monthly permission to have a play-date with your lil (or big) ladies.

Even more fun than monthly breast exams? During the month of October you can spend, spend, spend for a good cause (not that we really need an excuse to shop) but when all our favorite stores are pitching in to help the fight against breast cancer? Well, that would just be rude of us not to whip out our plastic card.

Here are a few of my favorite Breast Cancer items:

Bloomingdales has an entire “Pink Boutique” chock full of cute clothes that go towards the cancer cause. AND they even are selling gift cards where 10% of what you spend will go towards Breast Cancer Research.

• Now while I am far (like 3 light-years away far) from being the next Top Chef, the pink products from Kitchen Aid are so adorable that they almost (keyword being almost) make me want to step into the kitchen.

Kitchen Aid’s also started a “cook for the cure” party idea. Go to kitchenaid.com and get started with the “party kit” which is chock full of brunch and dinner recipes. Then invite your faves over for a study-break and ask each one to bring a donation for Breast Cancer…(and don’t forget to don you new pink apparel!). Click here for more info!

Bobbi Brown released a lip combo of their best selling Sandwash Pink Lipstick and exclusive Pink Flower Shimmer Lip Gloss. A perfect combo of colors (I tried them last time I was at the store) for day or night.

Although no one knows 100% what causes breast cancer (hence all the shopping for Breast Cancer Research!) There are things you can do besides monthly breast exams to help lower your risk:

Eat a healthy diet (and no 100 calorie packs don’t count)

Maintainin a healthy weight (click here to see if you’re currently in a healthy weight range)

Limit the amount of alcohol you drink.

Exercise regularly (try Xflowsion if you’re bored with your workout!)

Researchers do know that a woman’s age, gender and lifetime exposure to estrogen as well as your age at the time of your first childbirth play an important role. So, consider switching to a lower dose of estrogen birth control as well.

Go to komen.org for more pink products and breast cancer information.

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