I’m an Online Dater

It has been a few months since breaking up with the ex and while he is out telling the world that I am still calling, I have been out on the town looking for a new man to bunk up with. Being that I am not living in some big city that allows for a Carrie-Bradshaw-Revolving-Door-Of-Men type situation, I have been resorting to some new ways of scouting out the men.

Namely, internet dating.

Ah! Say it ain’t so! I must be crazy, right? But seeing as I spend my days sharing my life stories via the internet, it only makes sense that I create some of those stories that way as well. Well, that and the fact that my brother met his wife online and they had a bomb ass wedding.

So far, so good. Actually, great.

I have come to realize that there are so many benefits to online dating. For one, I can do it from the comfort of my couch. In the comfort of my underwear. While enjoying a heaping bowl of Mac and Cheese (the ultimate comfort food!). All that comfort – paired with the fact that I can hide behind the glow of my computer screen – makes the whole getting to know you period a whole lot more…well, comfortable.

Pair that with the fact that you can simply sign off/ignore the guy when you just don’t want to hear about how great he is/how he’s the president of his frat/how much his dad makes and you realize how genius this whole inter-web thing really is!

Getting to know your prospective mate through online conversations, emails, phone calls and then – eventually – an actual date, gives you the opportunity to take some time and decide if getting up, getting dressed and sitting through a potentially awkward evening is really worth it. You can get to know the guy on a more personal level early on so when you do finally meet, it feels like you have known him forever.

It makes for a much different dating feeling.

Online dating was so taboo for such a long time, but I am really starting to wonder why I waited so long to log in. I feel like I have finally graduated from my college dating ways to a more sophisticated take on finding a mate. No more heading out to the bar in search of a man whose name I won’t remember when I wake up next to him the following morning. Now I feel I can connect with someone on a new level; an adult level.

And if I do end up waking up next to said man the following morning, at least I will have his screen name.

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