Warner Bros. Thinks Women Are Ruining Movies

Jeff Robinov, the president of production at Warner Brothers studios, doesn’t think women are worth a dime.

We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead” Robinov was quoted as saying this week, using two recent less-than-stellar female driven films (The Brave One, staring Jodie Foster, and The Invasion, starring Nicole Kidman) as evidence for his claims.

What. The. F*ck? Um, what year is this???

Robinov is just convinced the reason neither film did well with audiences is because a woman was in the lead.

Apparently, the options of bad writing, convoluted plots, and poorly conceived advertising are not viable, and the only way to make sure a movie of his never bombs again is to make sure the leads are always sans boobs and vagina.

Movies with male leads bomb all the time, but Robinov doesn’t care about that obvious fact, nor does he seem to remember the fantastic success of Mean Girls, The Devil Wears Prada, Erin Brockovich, or anything helmed by the Olsen Twins.

Do women often headline films by themselves? No. But it’s not because they don’t have the same drawing power as men, it’s because chauvinists like Robinov are given the ability to “no longer do movies” in which the star is a female.

Men have controlled Hollywood for decades, and every time a guy utters something as disgusting as Robinov’s words and is not challenged, the male hold only increases.

If a movie is rotten, it really doesn’t matter who’s in the lead.

Nobody could have saved I Know Who Killed Me—and that’s a fact.

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