Pajamas Are Ugly! (Especially In Class)

It’s 9:55. You can barely open your eyes. Your room is a mess and you never got around to doing the readings for the class you have in 10 minutes.

So, the last thing you have time to do is pick out a cute little outfit to wear to class. I know, I understand.

But think about it this way…your pajamas are ugly.

Huge cotton pants with Care Bears all over them are cute when you’re watching TV at 10 PM…not so cute when you’re fetching coffee at 10 AM.

And as the day goes on pajamas scream “I didn’t take a shower today!” louder and louder until it’s 3 PM and (one would hope) you feel utterly silly.

So, I’m taking the time to beg all of you: Don’t wear pajamas to class! Unfortunately, this PJ trend is picking up a bit of steam and while I’m no fashion guru, I am so disappointed!

How difficult is it to throw on some jeans an a t-shirt? Put on an old hoodie!

Geez, I’d even allow UGGS if it meant you didn’t wear slippers. I mean, even those are picking up steam as totally trendy!

Dignity is something to be valued…and if it’s one of those days where you feel the urge to wear PJ’s to class, you’re going to need all the dignity you can get.

Penis Theft On the Rise!
Penis Theft On the Rise!
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