Rolling Stone’s Hot List 2007: Megan Fox, Band of Horses, Naked Mormons

Although old enough to be my grandfather, Rolling Stone Magazine continues to maintain it’s finger on the pulse of everything hip and now. From the hottest bands to the sickest trends, RS has known what’s up for 40 years… and 2007 is no different. Check out Rolling Stone’s 2007 Hot List after the jump.

HOT BABE – Megan Fox

2007 was a good year for Megan Fox. Starring opposite Shia LaBeouf in this Summer’s Sci-Fi Blockbuster “Transformers“, this hot starlet is soon to be a household name. Her next role is playing a Hollywood “IT” girl (what a stretch) in the highly anticipated “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People with Kirsten Dunst.

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HOT BAND: Band of Horses

Grunge may be dead in Seattle, but local heroes Band of Horses have rubbed the paddles together to bring new life to the the city’s indie music scene. Ben Birdwell’s haunting vocals alongside an ethereal Southern-Alt Rock guitar sound has ” made Band of Horses the most promising young guitar group going.” Their latest release “Cease to Begin” is certain to adorn numerous critic’s year end top tens.

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HOT CALENDAR: Mormons Exposed

This seems so wrong on so many levels, but as the old adage goes “If you got it, flaunt it”… and that’s just what these son’s of Brigham Young have done. Chad Hardy has put the S -ex back in LDS with his 2008 “Men on a Mission” Calendar, featuring 12 of the hottest, shirtless Morman missionaries on the planet. Apparently it’s big seller with the boys as well as the girls, although we’re pretty sure it’s a conservative wrong for the conservative right.

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HOT MODEL: Agyness Deyn

Critics call Agyness Deyn the “next Kate Moss”. We just call her hot. This 21 year-old rock-a-waif has done ads for Burberry and Armani to name a few and has been sporting this tough girl look since the age of 10. Expect to see a good bit more of Ms. Deyn. She is apparently working on a new band called “Lucky Knitwear” in addition to her day job.

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