Rock of Love’s Heather Speaks Out!

Who didn’t love Heather from Rock of Love?

The stripper turned business woman took some time out of her insane schedule to talk to us at College Candy and had some interesting things to say about life, her plans for the future, and finding a house.

The insanity surrounding the show can break some (Has Rodeo really lost her mind? Heather won’t say…) but this girl seems to have her head on straight on how to fully utilize her reality fame. Here’s what the classiest broad on TV had to say:

College Candy: So what are you doing today?

Heather: Well right now I’m about to take a shower, then I have a big meeting with VH1. I’m meeting up with Brooke Hogan afterwards and she and I are going house shopping in LA together.

CC: Brooke Hogan?? How did you two hookup?

H: Brooke and I met at the Reality Show awards and totally hit it off. She’s a great girl and someone I really enjoy spending time with. She’s looking for a place too.

CC: That’s a whole lot of blonde; any chance it’ll be filmed?

H: I can’t discuss what I’m doing in terms of TV. It’s all very hush hush, but the meeting today with VH1 is to talk about what I’m doing next with them. People all over the internet want to know what’s going on with me so I’m trying to get something going so people can see.

CC: Are you really moving in with Chris Crocker?

H: No, I just threw that out there because I thought it would be funny idea. I was never really that serious about it but the press just ate it up and ran with it.

CC: Are you dating anyone?

H: No not at all. I really felt so exhausted after the whole dating show experience. The thought of putting myself out there is overwhelming. Right now I’m just trying to focus on myself and my career. I led a pretty crazy life before the show dancing in Vegas, so settling down and trying to get my career off the ground is about all I have time for.

CC: You were definitely made out to be the “House Stripper,” yet there were a number of other girls who shared your profession. Did you mind that you became the stripper character?

H: I was a little put off by it. Brandi M. and I danced in the same club for Christ sake. But it is TV and they have to make good characters to make good TV. I think I’m ok because I know where I come from. I was certainly the most educated woman in the house. I have associates’ and a B.A; I worked really hard to get those degrees and went through a lot. Stripping is something I did for a while because its good money and I could do it. It’s not who I am, and I know that. Right now I have all these things set in motion because I’m smart, not because I’m a stripper. I’m writing a book, I have a million projects in the works.

CC: What do you regret most about the show, if anything?

H: I certainly don’t regret doing the show. I loved being on the show, and I love the fans I have from it. I had strong feelings for Bret in the end and I got hurt, but that’s life. I do regret some of the things I said about the other girls. It is a competition, and we were all drunk all the time. The combination of those two things can make you say things you wouldn’t ordinarily say. I’m grateful that everyone realized that and I’m still really close to a lot of the girls from the show.

CC: So you don’t regret getting the tattoo?

H: Not at all! It was a rocking experience and everyone seems to love coming up and taking a look to see if it’s real. People love getting their picture taken with it. It’s like it has its own fame!

CC: Has Rodeo really lost her mind?

H: No comment….(long pause)…no really, no comment.

CC: Who else do you talk to from the show?

H: Brandi C. and Krystia I talk to all the time. Lacey and I hang out sometimes and are in touch. Jes and I have been playing phone tag, but we are doing an appearance together in Florida soon so I’m looking forward to seeing her. Myspace has been the place that I’m able to keep in touch with everyone because I’ve really been so busy.

CC: Did you really leave Bret for dead on the dune buggies?

H: That was another thing that really pissed me off about the show. They made it seem like I didn’t care at all about Bret feeling sick. He was the one who wanted to keep going, and everything having to do with me helping him was edited right out because they needed the “Jes cares, Heather doesn’t” storyline. I also never ever said that I would share him. That was a total fabrication on the part of the editors.

CC: Well Heather thanks so much for talking with us today. Your hair is looking hot by the way.

H: Haha, thank you! Sometimes I feel like I play second fiddle to my hair and my tattoo! I feel like they should get their own show.

CC: It’s a good idea; you should bring that up in the meeting.

Heather ran off to go to her secret meeting at VH1 leaving us with so many burning questions. Is she going to get her own show? Will she be making a comeback a la New York on Rock of Love 2? According to Heather we are just going to have to stay tuned.

Until then we can see Heather all over the internet (she loves her Myspace) and making various appearances around the country.

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