The Hills: Who Do You Trust?

After running home to watch The Hills last week and finding it was a rerun, I had a personal moment of silence to mark the end of yet another amazing season.

I also had a little internal hissy fit at MTV for leaving me hanging with the Brody and LC dramatic kiss.

So, imagine my excitement when I get home from hanging out with some peeps this evening, flip through the stations and find an all new episode of The Hills starting right at that moment! Someone was definitely watching over me and I will be thanking him/her the next time I am near a synagogue.

Tonight’s episode was full of a bunch of random tid bits, but it all boils down to one thing for me: who do we trust?

Who is telling the truth about the LC sex tape/giant labia situation? There are so many players in this one that I decided to break it down so together we could try and blow this mystery wiiiiide open.

Jen Bunny: After months of not talking (probably due to Jen Bunny’s plastic surgery recovery time), JB texts Lauren and wants to grab lunch. Upon sitting down and ordering their bowls of lettuce with a side of lemon juice, Jen Bunny comes right down to it and tells Lauren that Brody spread the rumors. Then says that she doesn’t want to get involved. Iiiinteresting.

Calling Lauren specifically to tell her about Brody’s rumor-spreading ways and then saying you don’t want to get involved? I think Jen Bunny just wanted to a) soooo get involved in some drama, b) get back on TV, or c) show Lauren just how good she looks with her new nose/body.

Brody: He has been friends with Lauren the whole time her social world crumbled around her, but he is also fame-hungry just like the rest of those LA reality tools. Yes, Brody told Lauren to her face that Spencer and Heidi spread the rumors; Lauren also cornered him at dinner. What else was he going to say? I know Lauren trusts him, and she clearly knows him better than I do, but is her judgment clouded by his soft lips and luxurious locks?

Heidi and Spencer: I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time trusting a guy who can grow such a freakish beard. It seriously looks like a living creature all its own. Pair that with the fact that Spencer is and always has been a total dick to Lauren and it is hard not to think he is the one who spread those rumors. If that isn’t enough reason not to trust him, let us just reflect on the fake ring he gave to Heidi. And the fact that he still hasn’t told his parents about it.

Audrina: No one seems to think she could have spread the rumors, but she lives with Lauren. If anyone knows what Lauren’s labia look like, could it be her roommate?!

I just don’t know who to trust.

I want to believe there is someone nice and good in LA besides Whitney, so I want so badly to trust Brody. Let’s just hope he doesn’t let Lauren, and all of us, down next week. Let’s also hope that Spencer shaves that damn beard for good and maybe, just maybe, Heidi eats a cookie.

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