The H.O.G.: College Candy’s Top Hot Old Guys

A few summers ago I shared an apartment with 5 other girls while we all worked on campus giving tours and orientating incoming freshmen.

I didn’t know any of them going into the summer, but by the time August rolled around we were good friends and there was a few things that had slipped into my sub-conscious:

1) Hummus and pita chips is a suitable replacement for any meal.

2) Cockroaches can find their way into your fridge if you don’t clean.

3) If you see a guy who’s totally hot, but old enough to be your dad you can slyly alert your friends to it by saying “Hog!”

What is a H.O.G.? A Hot Old Guy.

Check out the H.O.G. gallery after the jump!

If you can’t bring him home to mom and dad without feeling like you need to craft a well thought out speech regarding age difference then congrats, girl! You’ve snagged yourself a H.O.G.!

Don’t groan…you know you’ve seen a few guys walking down the street where even if you don’t want to get down, you can certainly appreciate the seemingly perfect way he’s aged and matured. Gray hair? No problem! Wrinkles? They add character! Experience? Of course! (and in more ways than one)

So, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the hottest H.O.G.’s and we want to know what you think too! Who did we leave out? Who’s the greatest H.O.G. of all time?




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Yoga: Mind, Body, Bedroom
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