Trend Watch: Spats

Sometimes trends are so ridiculous (and downright hideous) that while I put the title of “Trend Watch” on this article…I sincerely hope that this new item will never bear the title of “trendy”.

On that note, say hello to Spats!

These absurdly overpriced leather covers are made to cover your already expensive high heels to give you more variety; more options.

Awesome, just what we all need…something to make us even later in the morning!

Not only that, but if you ask me, these gladiator-esque shoe coverings look really f*cking dated. Weren’t these on the fringe of being cool, like, 3 years ago?

Also, who the hell do we think we are? Mr. Peanut? Victorian era, old-timey, wealthy gentlemen? is offering these ugly little things for bundles of cash. And in what looks to be an atempt to be edgy, they have taken pictures of girls with only okay looking feet to pose on toilet seats with these things on. Scandalous!

Save your money, girls. Get yourself a comfortable pair of shoes that you don’t feel the need to change up just because you can. I know you’re all not that vain.

Give Back: Volunteer Vacations
Give Back: Volunteer Vacations
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