Yoga: Mind, Body, Bedroom

I used to think Yoga classes were a bunch of people stretching, meditating and laying around and, quite frankly, I wasn’t going to waste an hour of my precious time touching my toes in a circle with a bunch of tree hugging freaks.

But, after incessant begging by my sister-in-law, I threw on some Hard Tails and joined her for some Vinyasa Yoga fun.

Let’s just say I totally ate my words. Not only was the room filled with fit and beautiful people, but the class was f*cking hard and totally awesome. I was bending and stretching in ways I didn’t think possible. I sweat enough to saturate not one, but two towels.

And all the while the teacher was talking us through the pain; reminding us how strong, beautiful and completely amazing we all were.

And it was impossible not to believe.

Not only did the difficult class leave me feeling like I accomplished something great, but I left that class feeling fabulous. I felt cleansed, strong and sexy. As I drove home with my natural high I realized that yoga is more than just a good workout; it is also great for your mind…and your sex life.

First of all, at its core Yoga is simply a series of strengthening stretches. You spend a ton of time on the floor reaching for your toes and bending your body in unique ways.

Before my first Yoga experience, I just might have been the most inflexible person to grace this planet. I don’t like to admit this, but I failed the sit-and-reach portion of the fitness test every year of elementary and middle school. So believe me when I tell you that attending a single yoga class will put you in a whole new world of flexibility and allow you to take part in a few more “advanced” bedroom positions.

Even more, though, Yoga is all about the mind. Nurturing the mind. Building yourself up from the inside.

It is about centering yourself, forgetting what everyone else thinks about you and loving you for who you are. Pairing that mindset with the fact that you are working your body and mastering difficult new poses leaves you feeling confident, beautiful and really fucking sexy. Which makes for a completely new bedroom experience.

Without my insecurities about my stomach, my ass, my cellulite, my boobs, etc. plaguing my mind, I am finally able to be completely free in the bedroom.

No more hiding under the blanket or focusing more on my fat rolls than the enjoyable act of sex itself; Yoga has left me with new feelings of empowerment and self confidence. I can hop on top, let loose and create quite an enjoyable bedroom experience for me and my mate.

I am now a Yoga believer. As are the men who have experienced its effects.

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