Training for New Year’s Eve 2008

This morning while slightly (and by slightly I mean, shoot-me-in-the-face) bored at work, I illegally signed into my AIM.

(Tip to all you working ladies out there: is a wonderful site where you can log onto AIM and your bosses will never know. Mwahahaha)

Anyhoo, an equally sly and bored friend of mine was clearly also looking for some entertainment so we started chatting.

And at 10:14 AM on October 17, 2007 I had my first New Year’s 2008 query.

Yes, I think this is my new record. Usually New Year’s discussions don’t start until at least after Halloween, but post-college/big city life calls for a whole new set of rules.

And I’ll be honest; all talk of New Year’s has me nervous. Not because I need some big midnight kiss. Or because I am afraid I won’t have anyone to celebrate with. I am nervous because the last time I drank I had 2 beers and I passed out at 11.

Needless to say, I am really not in tip-top partying shape. While all my still-in-college friends rip shots and speak of late night parties, I have spent the past few weekends sipping tea and catching up on my Oprah.

If New Year’s discussions are already starting, that means I really need to trade in my Hot Tea for Long Island Iced Tea and start training for the festivities!

I need to build my tolerance. I need to build my stamina. I need to reunite myself with the burning in the back of my throat from numerous tequila shots and the general feeling of complete satisfaction from late night breadsticks.

I am going to approach New Year’s Training like I do my daily workouts; with hard work and a continuous focus on the goal.

And my regimen is gonna look a little something like this:

40’s on Saturday mornings

Boones Farm Strawberry Fields while getting ready to go out on Saturday nights.

Actually going out on Saturday nights.

No passing out before 3 AM on weekends.

Must drink at least 3 days per week. No more than 7.

No leaving a bar without taking at least one shot, preferably of tequila or whiskey.

It is going to be rough, but my old trainer always used to say, “No pain, no gain!” (as I crawled out of the gym after an hour long hell-session). I am ready for this challenge; I must work hard if I don’t want to spend the first moments of 2008 hugging the bowl in some public bathroom or passed out on some city street (after 3 beers).

I am determined. I will bring in 2008 in style. And on my feet.

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