Trend Watch: Skintile

When it comes to being trendy, anything computer-controlled seems to get overlooked. Usually seen as too geeky to be truly chic, when it comes to fashion, science need not apply.Until I came across Skintiles.

To be quite honest, it took me a few times reading through the write-up on these things to really get what the hell they are, so let me give you a simplified run-down:

It’s like a mood ring that you can stick on your body, much like jewelry, except instead of whatever mystery substance is in those rings, Skintiles are completely electronic!

Get it?

As silly as they may seem, I can see these catching on big time. It’s kind of like an illuminated middle-ground for people who can’t make the plunge into permanent body mods. And what’s better is that it’s fun!

Can’t you see celebs walking down the red carpet with these babies stuck to their chest? I want to hate on these things and just give it a big “What the f*ck?” but it’s too weird to hate just yet.

It won’t be until I see a Hilton sister sporting one on the beach in LA that i’ll be able to question Skintile’s novelty.

It won’t be long…

In the end, I think if you’re adventurous, you owe it to yourself to give this a shot.

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