Candy Dish: Bartending, Boobs, Beer Cans…Fines?

• Bartending in college is perfectly fine, but if you’re going to crush beer cans between your boobs…well, you just might deserve what’s coming to you.

• Are you ready for New Year’s 2008?

• HEY U R COOL <333!! Is this the way we’re dating now? Apparently, the answer is yes and we hate it.

Zombies are coming!! Be prepared!! (Really!)

This is the most adorable story involving Boy Scouts and helping and being prepared (zombies!) that I’ve read all week!

• Hey you! Stop being lazy, get off your ass, and clean out your life! Get with it!

• You have a boyfriend and we’re happy for you! But please, please don’t turn into this girl.

• I didn’t even know people still described themselves as “Goth”. Either way, it’s certainly not distracting.

Tyler Perry – Why So Pissed Off?
Tyler Perry – Why So Pissed Off?
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