Colbert Presidential Campaign Illegal?

Say it ain’t so! It looks like Stephen Colbert’s faux presidential campaign is already off to a rough start as some are saying his campaign is illegal!

Because he has a sponsor (Doritos) and his own TV show (The Colbert Report) election officials are saying he is in breach of laws that prohibit any corporation from donating money or backing any one candidate.

How serious can you get about running as a joke?” said Massie Ritsch, communications director for the Center for Responsive Politics, a non-partisan group that tracks campaign finances. “The Federal Election Commission doesn’t have a great sense of humor.

This can’t be happening! The one candidate that is truly about what the people want is going to go down because of his love for chips and his hilarious television program? Okay, I know it’s a bit more complicated than that, but it’s time for the FEC to wake up. While Colbert seems to have a huge following and countless supporters, he’s in it to run…not necessarily to win.

When asked about the legitimacy of his candidacy on Meet the Press, Colbert responded, “I would say to everybody, this is not a dream, OK? You’re not going to wake up from this, OK? I’m far realer than Sam Brownback, let me put it that way.

Now, who wants to pack their stuff, get in a car, go to South Carolina and register to vote? We have a Colbert to nominate!

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