Reduce, Reuse, and Carry All Your Stuff in It

If I had to choose two things that I am totally obsessed with right now they would be handbags and recycling. The former is a given. And, lately, as our earth begins to head down an ugly and hot path, the latter has become a huge part of me. Come visit me at my house and you will find me either 1) shopping for bags online or 2) separating my paper and plastics.

When I was sitting home tonight doing some online bag shopping (after taking my empty Diet Coke bottles out to the recycling center, of course), I came across a designer who takes my two favorite things in life and blends them together beautifully. May I present to you my new fashion idol:

Ashley Watson

A Fine Arts student from Canada, Watson has added an element of conservation to her line of innovative and unique bags. Unlike her fellow designers, Ashley takes old leather jackets to craft her line of handbags, wallets and beautiful accessories. Each bag is designed by Ashley, handmade and completely unique; no two Ashley Watson bags look the same.

And, despite the form from which they came, Watson’s bags are totally hot! These do not look like they are made from some motorcycle dude’s old jacket. Her designs are sexy, functional and perfect for every woman. Not to mention the fact that buying one will make you feel warm and fuzzy for doing something good for our planet and its many animals that give their lives so we can sport some hot overpriced bags.

Which reminds me: the prices on these hot little ditties are awesome. No $1,000 bags here. Anyone with a passion for fashion can scrounge up the bucks for one of these. In fact, I have already begun saving my plastic bottle refunds; not too long till I am carrying this around town!

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