So, You Wanna Smell Like Rocks?

Sure, we’ve all heard of Demeter Fragrances, right? You know the ones I mean. The different perfumes that smell like Dirt, Birthday Cake, or Holy Water?

Well, it turns out that “real life” scents are really creating a buzz and Demeter isn’t the only one cashing in on the trend.

At Brooklyn-based CB I Hate Perfume Gallery, there are over 50 scents that are sure to smell kinda weird on your skin. But who cares about smelling good when you can smell like the following:

Pineapple and Mango: Yum! Smelling like a tropical drink on a tropical island sounds…like you’ll end up smelling like a 10 year old trying perfume for the first time. But what the hell, it’d go for it on vacation!

Lava Rock: Question: Does “Lava Rock” smell like molten magma or like burnt matches? Second question: Why would I want to smell like a natural disaster? Third: Am I normal if I say I kind of want to? It sounds exciting.

Dandelion: Ooooo, I’ve always wanted to smell annoying and ugly!

Crayon: I don’t imagine smelling like an old 64-pack (with the sharpener in the back!) is going to attract the kind of guys I’d be hoping to snag. I don’t mind ’em young, but let’s be serious…

or, Tobacco: This is either going to distroy my attempts at quitting smoking or aid me in not wanting to pick up another cigarette again. But tobacco smells like sh*t and I’d rather pay 7 bucks and get the effects of nicotine so I’m siding with the ‘ol Marlboros. (P.S. Don’t smoke! They’re not lying when they say it’s really, really hard to quit!)

If anything, these new food-based scents entertain us long enough to forget about the mega-rich stars who are banking on us wanting to smell like them…and we all know Britney doesn’t deserve any of our hard earned cash!

So, try ’em out and let me know if Lava Rock is as exciting as I hope it is!

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