Tyler Perry – Why So Pissed Off?

Out in Hollywood, there is a talented cross-dressing writer named Tyler Perry. Unfortunately, he is still pissed off. He has written and produced countless plays, musicals, films and TV shows – all targeting the African-American community. Tyler has created over $500M in revenues from his productions, and we can only assume he has banked a lot from that.

He bought a $5M mansion just outside of Atlanta. Yet, he is still pissed off. Tyler’s current movie “Why Did I Get Married?” ranked 2nd in Box Office revenues taking in $12.1M – yep, still pissed off. Why you ask? Because Perry’s series on TBS, “House of Payne,” is tanking.

I think 30 people are watching it, and that includes the cast, crew and family. So TBS did what any network would do – they said “Mr. Perry, your show sucks. Get it together of beat it!” Sadly, that was the wrong thing to say to the wrong person.

As if scripted from a bad network drama, the upcoming publicity battle is going to be epic.

Here is my problem, CollegeCandy has learned from an inside source that Tyler Perry is planning on throwing out the race card in protest of his show getting potentially canned. What the public doesn’t know, is that Perry had to throw in some of his own money to get the show going. Only after his own financial commitment, did the network agree to fund production.

Maybe one of the reasons why they didn’t want to fund it in the first place is because they thought it was shite…just a guess. But to claim Tyler Perry’s show is being cut because of his race, I think downplays the real prejudice in the industry.

There is an abundance of genuine instances of racism and prejudice without Tyler claiming that the network is taking advantage of another millionaire.

I tried watching this show and being hispanic, I thought I would be able to get it. Yep…I was wrong. The show is comprised of a good portion of ethnic stereotypes, mixed with traditional run-of-the-mill sitcom plot lines. Think Cosby Show, meets Family Matters meets Friends. In short, it is a pseudo-ethnic concoxion of shows that have already come and gone.

Hey Tyler…you are a millionaire several times over. Stop your whining and deal with the fact that every now and then you are going to come up with a shitty idea. 9 out of 10 of your ideas make you millions – the other one blows. Suck it up and welcome to mediocrity.

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